Monmouth University's Own Student-Run Record label. Founded in 2013, students alongside Professor Joe Rapolla came up with a business strategy to supplement the existing Music Industry Major. Blue Hawk Records is what they came up with.

“I love that we are doing exactly what a company does, today, to put music out, and we will be able to walk out of college with that experience”

“All the rules surrounding the music and entertainment media have changed and we’re making sure our students have their fingers on the pulse on the business as it evolves”


Blue Hawk Records Class

Part of the Music & Theatre Department of Monmouth University's curriculum, the label operates within class walls to give additional experience to those interested in the program. 

 Blue Hawk Records at Lakehouse Recording Studios

  • Track 14:27
  • Track 22:19
  • Track 32:44
  • Track 43:54
  • Track 53:30
  • Track 63:45